Garland of Books and Pictures. Reading for Children in Pre-Soviet Russia

11.03.2012 12:47
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Mikhail Seslavinsky is well known as an ardent book lover, explorer of old books and author of numerous articles on the history of book publishing and collecting, including albums "The Fragrance of the Book Cover. Russian Custom Bookbinding, 19th-20th Centuries", "Rendezvous. Russian Artists in French Book Publishing in the First Half of the 20th Century", "Books for Gourmets. Bibliophile Editions, End of 19th & Beginning of 20th Century" (co-authored by O.L. Tarakanova).This edition is dedicated to illustrated books for children published in Russia in the 19thcentury and up to 1917. In the introduction, the author gives an overview of key research and publications on the history of children’s books in Russia, changes in the choice of books for children and book design over more than 100 years. The author also mentions the most prominent writers, artists and publishers who worked in this segment. This is the first time when readers are offered a rich display of 250 books published in Russia during that time. The first volume is dedicated to ABC-books, illustrated books of the first half of the 19th century and children’s games. The samples you will see are unique historical artefacts and it is a miracle that they survived till our time. The second volume is devoted to books published from the second half of the 19th century to the October Revolution. During that time, books for children became a part of popular culture and numerous publishing houses emerged focusing on literature for children. Readers will see samples of books for children from 12 largest publishing houses: "M.O. Volf Association", "A.F. Devrien Publishing House", "I.N. Knebel Publishing House", "A.F. Marks Publishing and Printing Association in St. Petersburg", "Common Good Association", "St. Yevgeniya Community", "Education Association", "A.D. Stupin Publishing House", "A.S. Suvorin Association", "I.D. Sytin and Co. Printing, Publishing and Book Trade Association", "Shipovnik Publishing House" and "Expedition of State Paper Provision". Each chapter starts with a short history of these organizations. This volume displays about 130 books they published. The last chapter "Children’s Books by Other Publishing Houses in the Second Half of the 19th Century" presents about 50 books published by various publishing houses, sometimes unknown, including books published at the expense of their authors or artists. The album presents books from the private library of Mikhail Seslavinsky. The album’s design was performed by Samolet Design Studio. This edition is targeted at booklovers, scientists, librarians and all those who value book art.

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